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My name is Matthew Hussey and my passion for health, fitness and longevity started about 6 years ago.  I had just finished my first season of European professional hockey in Germany and I was back in the states gearing up for another summer of training. That first season overseas went well for me personally, but throughout it I dealt with some nagging injuries, those of which followed me into my off-season training regimen. I had just turned 29 yrs. old and was beginning to realize that all of the years of beating my body up on and off the ice were beginning to take their toll. This wasn’t something I was going to accept, especially with my desire to keep playing well into my 30’s!

It was that summer that I began taking a deep interest into alternative healing therapies, different training methods, and most importantly the foods I was putting into my body. As a professional athlete I was always conscious of how I was training and what I was eating, but dealing with injuries sent me on a much more serious path. That path and everything I’ve read, experienced and learned during it has helped me to continue playing professional hockey at a high level to this day. I also have come to realize that what I’ve done, and continue to do to extend my hockey playing career can also be applied to everyday life, and living the healthiest, happiest, one possible!!

Feed the Temple is a platform for me to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences on nutrition, fitness, health and disease. These are the topics that are on my mind daily and I relish the opportunity to gain more knowledge within these fields whenever possible. I’m not a doctor nor do I have a list of credentials following my name. I do however, research and experience the topics I discuss, as well as challenge mainstream practices that have created far too many unhealthy people today. I’m a big fan of Weston A.Price, Kelly Starrett and other individuals who think outside the box in their chosen field. In recent years more and more people have begun shifting to a healthier lifestyle. I’m here to encourage others to do the same, and to simplify that process. Temple by some definitions is a building reserved for a highly valued function. I hope to encourage people to treat their bodies like a temple, giving it everything it needs to perform the highly valued function of living life!


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