3 Simple Hacks to Improve Digestion

Monday, April 11, 2016 0

3 hacks digestion (2)Food gives us strength, energy, vitality and the nutrients required to rebuild and regenerate cells and tissues.

If our digestion goes awry, we’re unable to fully utilize that food for what our bodies need it for.

Here are 3 simple hacks to help keep that digestive system functioning optimally!


1.) DON’T PUT OUT THAT DIGESTIVE FIRE: Having a drink with every meal is standard practice in most households and restaurants. What people may not be aware of is that the water and other liquids they ingest with their food can actually impair the digestive process.


Our bodies utilize enzymes to break down food so we can absorb nutrients.  When we gulp down liquids while eating, we end up diluting the enzymes needed to digest those proteins, carbohydrates and fats, which can slow down the process.

What to do?

If you enjoy having a drink with your meal (red wine with steak?!?!), try taking small sips.  Orrrrr…have as much liquid as you like up until about 15 minutes before eating and wait about an hour afterwards.


You know whatelse helps digestion

2.) UNBUCKLE & UNBUTTON: Say what?!? Yes, that belt and those tight jeans are causing some unnecessary pressure on your gut.

I’m not sure what took me so long, but a few years ago I started unbuckling my belt and occasionally the top button on my jeans during meals.  Don’t worry, that’s where it stopped!  It’s pretty self explanatory why this would have a positive effect on digestion.  Just make sure to be discrete if you’re out in public to avoid any awkward looks.


3.) SLOW DOWN & CHEW:Unless you’re Adam Richman from “Man vs Food,” or competitive eater Joey Chestnut, try slowing it down a notch. I know, I know, its probably been about 2 hours since your last meal and you’re starving (insert sarcasm). But lets eat like adults, not 10 year old children scurrying to finish their meal so they can go play more video games!

Your complex digestive system actually DOES care how fast you eat.  Think of it as an auto factory assembly line. Putting food in your mouth and chewing is the first step in the process. Chew and swallow too fast, bite after bite, and that system will back up and not function optimally.  This can lead to bloating, gas and incomplete absorption of nutrients. Be present, mindful, and savor your food!

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