Sprouted Steel Cut Oatmeal-Apples and Cinnamon

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 0

Sometimes my Irish heritage kicks me in the butt and says (with an Irish accent of course),  “Make me a hearty bowl of oatmeal!”  Today was one of those days!

Does this mean break out the peaches and cream instant oatmeal or the Quaker quick cooking oats?? Absolutely not!  Ever since I switched to steel-cut oats, soaked overnight prior to cooking, I’ll never go back.

The practice of soaking or fermenting grains has long been practiced by our ancestors.  Soaking the oats in warm water with a few tablespoons of an acid medium such as lemon juice, yogurt or kefir helps to neutralize phytates (anti-nutrients), which bind to vitamins and minerals preventing their absorption.  This may not de-activate all the phytates but most times it’s good enough for me.

Bring on the porridge!! -I had to say porridge at least once.  It sounds so wholesome!  This recipe is a typical apples and cinnamon combination with a few other added goodies.  I usually eat fruit on its own but for oatmeal I make an exception!



-Bob’s Red Mill steel cut oats.  Gluten free and packed with vitamins and minerals

-Organic apple.  I use half an apple, diced, for one serving.

-Plain, organic, whole milk, greek yogurt.  Great source of protein, probiotics, as well as fat to increase mineral absorption.

-Organic cinnamon.  Has been shown to decrease symptoms of arthritis and improve blood sugar regulation.

-Jem sprouted almond butter.  This stuff is amazing!

soaking steel cut oatmeal

-Oats soaked overnight in warm water and kefir.  I drain this mixture through a sieve, rinse, and then add to a pot with more water for cooking.

steel cut oatmeal cooking

-Steel cut oats typically take longer to cook but with the addition of soaking they cook much quicker.


-Caramelizing the apples on a cast iron skillet with butter brings out a nice flavor, similar to apple pie!

steel cut oatmeal

I think my Irish ancestors would be proud! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Also, I’m always experimenting with healthy, tasty combinations so be sure to stay tuned for more hearty oatmeal recipes!


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