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Thursday, December 24, 2015 0

coldplay adventure of a lifetime

I remember very vividly the first time I heard Coldplay on the radio.

It was 2000, and I was a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin. I had just polished off a double whopper at Burger King (not ashamed to admit that this was a pretty common meal in my college days) and as I was driving home I heard “Yellow” come on the radio.  For those that know me, I’m a big fan of vocalists that have falsetto skillz.  This guy had em. Add to that a guitar riff that I could visualize playing and I was hooked!

Funny story, I initially misheard the disc jockey and thought this new British band was called Coldplate. When I got back to the apartment I hit up Limewire to find “Yellow” and any other songs by this band.  It took me a little while to figure out “Coldplate” was actually “Coldplay”, my new favorite!

Fast forward 15 years and Coldplay is still at it.  “Adventure Of A Lifetime” is from their upcoming 7th album.  The song has a very addictive beat and of course, some vintage Chris Martin high notes!  Oh, and the video stars CGI apes with sick dance moves.  Check it out!


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