Fall Cleanup-For Your Fridge

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 0

Here in Minnesota the changing of the seasons is very noticeable.  If you live in a similar area where you can actually see and feel this change then you’ve no doubt noticed that fall has begun! Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing colors and descending to the ground, birds are flying south and farm fields are being harvested.  This year, in addition to your outside chores like raking leaves, aerating the lawn and cleaning the gutters, why not head inside and give your refrigerator the TLC it deserves!




Fall Clean-Up Tips

  • Take it all out! Removing everything will make the actual cleaning part much easier.
  • Don’t be like college Matt and use Windex for wiping dirt and grime!  Your healthy food (container or not), shouldn’t be near chemicals of any kind!
  • Upgrade to a homemade, non-toxic cleaner.  We add white vinegar and lemon into a spray bottle filled with water.  We also like Dr Bronners all-in-one castile soaps, which are great for almost any household cleaning you can think of.  Once your spray is made you know what to do next!
  • For a more thorough cleaning, remove the drawers and shelves! If you’re using hot water, glass or ceramic parts should be warmed to room temperature before cleaning to avoid cracking.  Don’t forget the handles on the exterior, a popular germ hangout.  After you’ve wiped everything down, be sure to take a dry cloth to all of the surfaces.
  • Check expiration dates before putting anything back to expire even more.  Gross!  Rinse any of these items under hot water and recycle.  If you have nothing with an expiration date on it then I commend you! You’re likely feeding your temple healthy, preservative free food!
  • Did you say you wanted to start eating healthier? Now’s the time to get rid of the junk that’s keeping you from doing so!  Unsure what falls into this category? Start with sugar loaded fruit juices and soda, most dressings and condiments, the skippy peanut butter and that Entenmenns crumb cake seeking refuge on the top shelf. Don’t forget the popsicles and ice cream in the freezer! All of this needs to go!
  • Now that the fridge is spotless and some of that unhealthy food is thrown away, it’s time to put everything back.  For peace of mind I like things organized.  Think of it as feng shui for your fridge.  Everything in it’s place lets you locate things quicker, saving a little energy at the same time.


That’s it! Your new fall chore is complete!  Now you can head back outside into that fresh air and finish the rest.  Happy raking!!!

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